Exploring the SR OS YANG models

Understand YANG package


This article describes the SR OS YANG package that is delivered from Nokia.  

YANG package

Nokia delivers the YANG models in the following directory structure:

+-- ietf
+-- nokia-combined
+-- nokia-submodule
+-- openconfig

The contents of each directory are as follows:

  • YANG (root) - The root of the Nokia YANG package:  includes models for bof/li/operations, types and augments. For info: the Nokia YANG models for Lawful Interception (the YANG models for LI will be delivered in all geographic regions whether or not LI is available in SR OS)
  • YANG/openconfig - The OpenConfig models for integration with SR OS devices.
  • YANG/nokia-combined - The Nokia YANG models collapsed into two files:  one for configuration and one for state.
  • YANG/nokia-submodule - The Nokia YANG models defined in submodules, used for compilation into two files:  one for configuration and one for state.
  • YANG/ietf - IETF models for NETCONF infrastructure to interwork with SR OS

Enabling models in SR OS

Which YANG models should be used depends on the configuration of the SR OS device:

SR OS Configuration YANG Models
/configure/system/management-interface/yang-modules/nokia-submodules true YANG/nokia-submodules
/configure/system/management-interface/yang-modules/nokia-combined-modules true YANG/nokia-combined
/configure/system/management-interface/yang-modules/openconfig-modules true YANG/openconfig

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