SR OS with Ansible

Automating SR OS with Ansible from RedHat


These sections provide a number of examples on how to use Ansible with Nokia SR OS based routers and simulators.


Ansible by Red Hat is one of the more prevalent automation tools in the industry today. It is available in its open source format as Ansible or with a commercially supported front end as Ansible Tower (AWX being the upstream project for Ansible Tower).

All flavors introduce an easy-to-understand language based on YAML for creating methods to run on devices (and these devices are not limited to network devices). The aim is not to cover all of the elements of Ansible here though (there are many great Ansible tutorials available already); instead, we will focus on using Ansible to automate SR OS configuration.

Nokia is part of the RedHat Automation Certification Program which you can read more about using the link.

Playbook cookbook

The following examples provide some guidance on how you might perform a number of automation tasks using Ansible and SR OS.  These examples should not be considered the definitive way to manage SR OS but as stepping stones to assist you on your automation journey.

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