Learn SR OS network programmability

Welcome to the network development portal. This portal is designed to assist developers with integrating SR OS network devices into their own infrastructure. The portal provides access to hints, tips, examples and tutorials to aid developers using Nokia developed and third-party open source tools to integrate with the SR OS based product families that run many of today's global networks.

Getting started with SR OS, Model-Driven Interfaces and YANG

Integration with open source toolchains

SR OS provides a fundamentally different approach to managing network devices. Model-driven management means that configuration and state information is stored in a manner prescribed by the YANG models provided with the software release. SR OS delivers standardized communication interfaces into this modeled information, meaning that integration with many open source tools is straightforward and does not require vendor-specific integration modules.

The following sections provide assistance with integrating SR OS with some of these popular open source toolchains. Open source tools are often provided without support frameworks behind them. When working through these sections, it is recommended that you refer to the NSP developer section of this developer portal to see how Nokia's commercially supported management and automation framework may benefit your network.

  • Ansible - Red Hat's automation framework for managing multiple device types, including network devices
  • Python - Creating connections to SR OS within Python and manipulating configuration and state information
  • ELK stack - Working with ElasticSearch, Kibana and Logstash to visualize streaming telemetry data

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