NSP Tutorials

Topology API - Tutorial to retrieve IETF-compliant topology models, including layer 2, 3 and TE topology.

End-to-End VPRN Service Configuration - Tutorial to create an L3VPN service with an auto-assigned route distinguisher.

End-to-End EPIPE Service Configuration - Tutorial to create a point-to-point L2 service.

Notification Service - Managing a Persistent Subscription - Tutorial to describe how to manage a persistent subscription in a Disaster Recovery (DR) setup mode where there are 2 data centers (DC1 and DC2).

MD OAM - Tutorial to create OAM-PM tests and retrieve their results. This includes a TWAMP light and ETH CFM tests.

Telemetry - Tutorial to create a Telemetry subscription and retrieve test results.

Inventory and Visualization - Tutorial to perform inventory requests in order to visualize the NSP-managed network in an OSS.

Brownfield Service Migrations - Tutorial to show how to migrate the management of services from NFMP to NSP.

Fault Management - Tutorial to demonstrate the typical fault management alarm retrieval process required to access the NSP FM alarm data.

Port Utilization Telemetry - Tutorial provides two user cases on how to create telemetry port utilization subscription on a MDM node and a Classic node in NSP

Inventory and Device Configuration - Tutorial to retrieve network inventory and then configure devices

Device Inventory and Fault Management - Tutorial to relate alarms to equipment inventory objects

External Alarm Creation - Tutorial to raise alarms from an external system

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