Release 22.10


  • No additional features


  • Minimum supported Python 3 version now 3.10


  • No additional features


  • Minimum supported lxml version now 4.9.2


  • No additional features



  • method provides the ability to compare the uncommitted candidate configuration with the baseline configuration prior to a commit.

  • method provides the ability to execute a YANG modeled action (operation) on SR OS using modeled, structured data as both input and output.

  • Updates to the pysros.wrappers.Schema and pysros.wrappers.SchemaType to include additional YANG schema information, specifically:

    • namespace

    • yang_type

    • units

    • default

    • mandatory

    • range

    • union_members

  • method provides the ability to convert any correctly formatted data from either pySROS data structure format, XML format or JSON IETF format, to pySROS data structure format, XML format, or JSON IETF format. The input data must be valid according to the YANG schema for the specific object.

  • pysros.syslog class provided for syslog event manipulation when used on SR OS as part of the syslog functionality.