Carrier SDN Lab

Gain quick access to NSP lab environments anytime, anywhere

Nokia Carrier SDN Lab offers a variety of labs tailored to different network management use cases. If you are new to the Carrier SDN Lab, you can start by exploring the Shared NSP IP/Telemetry lab which always comes with the latest and greatest NSP release. For in-depth development, using NSP API or Demo's you have the option of deploying your own private lab from our rich lab catalog

The dedicated labs are ideal for developing/testing NSP enabled OSS applications as well as demoing and evaluating the NSP platform



  • Free, instant availability
  • Self Reserve 3hr slots
  • Shared with others
  • Access to NSP Carrier SDN and IP/Telemetry pre-configured deployment



  • Deployed in a few hours
  • Reserve anytime for any duration
  • Private, dedicated access
  • Access to a veriety of NSP deployments